Good Men Pick Good Women (and I try to follow suit)

I like The Good Men Project Magazine. It bills itself as the anti-Esquire/GQ, not because the creators don’t appreciate women (they make sure you know that they do), but because they treat their male readers as multi-dimensional human beings with complex feelings, emotions, opinions and interests. Ms. Magazine called them “what enlightened masculinity might look like in the 20th century.”

In that vein, writer Tom Matlack has skewered Esquire for limiting their list of “Women We Love” to what boils down to a list of “Women We’d Love to Bang.” That’s a fine list to have, I suppose, but call it what it is.

Although women may be able to claim a slight upper hand in the objectification-of-the-opposite-sex game, ladymags are frequently guilty of choosing abs and pecs over substance.  Taylor Lautner looks good without a shirt, but is that really where we want to set the bar? (He’s also 18….women objectify youth too!)

So I’m taking a cue from Mr. Matlack. Who do I find both attractive and interesting enough that I’d want to spend an hour getting to know him? I’ll give you a hint, the Matthew McConaugheys of the world don’t make the cut.

Here’s Matlack’s list, and mine, of people who are actually “fascinating, cool, and lovable” (and also attractive in a myriad of ways):

The Good Men Project Magazine List By Tom Matlack The Let’s-Not-Be-So-Shallow-Either List 

By Emily

Chelsea Handler Jon Stewart

Melinda Gates

President Barack Obama
Jhumpa Lahiri

Alec Baldwin

Kate Middleton

James Deen

Gwyneth Paltrow Taye Diggs
Patti Stanger Scott Fujita
Steffi Graf Dan Savage*
Lady Gaga Mike Adamick
Michelle Obama Sam Kass
Laura Hillenbrand Ryan Gosling
Portia de Rossi* Tim Gunn*
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Dave Eggers

*I like that Matlack included a lesbian woman, suggesting that likelihood-of-someday-fucking is not the top priority. Consequently, I have allowed myself to include two gay men who I find fascinating and lovable.

There are many more folks that could make both lists, obviously. But it’s a fun mental exercise, and worthwhile, I think, to spend some time pondering who you want to know, instead who you want to do.

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9 responses to “Good Men Pick Good Women (and I try to follow suit)

  1. 1. James Franco: smart, poet, fit, athletic, inquisitive.

    2. Mark Ruffalo: talented, eco-aware, intelligent.

    3. Tim Gunn: “Jackie O would not wear camel toe,” wins (hands down) as the season highlight from Project Runway. Class, grace, tact, charm and damn funny.

  2. sarah

    Great list! Dan Savage is a good one. That’d be a great one to get a drink and talk, pick his brain :) I must admit I’ve always had a crush on Alex Baldwin too. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. *love* it! Alex has always been on my list too for his support for divorce dads and his humor, despite many other problems (who said love isn’t blind?).

    Always free for a cup of plantonic coffee…


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