Sunday Scraps 9

1. WIN: Fey +Poehler + Jersey Shore. Ahem, that’s Jersey Floor, a sketch on Jimmy Fallon in which an elevator button gives everyone the poof, a leathery tan and Jimmy Fallon an inexplicable Boston accent.

2. TWEET: Flowing Data tracks the record-breakng tweets per second as Sunday night’s Bin Laden announcement progressed.

3. PLAYBOY: The Hairpin has a 1968 Playboy Club handbook for all the bunnies.  How many demerits for incorrectly bent bunny ears?

4. GAY MARRIAGE/IMMIGRATION: The deportation of a Venezuelan man who is legally married (in CT) to an American man was delayed. NYT says “sign that the Obama administration is exploring legal avenues for recognizing same sex couples in immigration cases.”

5. VINTAGE: Another excellent gallery of sexist vintage ads. Women belong in the kitchen, don’t you know, and they’re dumb!

6. GOOGLE: The latest Google Chrome ads are sooo good, but this one, featuring Dan Savage and the advent of the It Gets Better Project, takes the cake.

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