Sunday Scraps 16

1. MUSIC: John Legend covering Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” Sidenote: Heard a dance remix of “Rolling” in a Boystown bar last night and it was excellent.

2. SEX SYMBOL: Watch Jon Stewart trade fire with Chris Wallace about comedy, partisanship and the roll of the modern media in politics. Sigh.

3. INTERVIEW: Mac McClelland of Mother Jones participates in the Feministing Five interview series. She never meant to be a reporter, but oh hey, now she’s the Human Rights reporter and bounces from the Congo to Haiti and back.

4. MONEY: Another story on the many factors of the gender pay gap. This one focuses on the skill of negotiating. They’ve got it, I don’t. Let’s fix it.

5. WORK: This was my habit in 4th grade. It worked for about 20 minutes at a time.

6. LESBIANS: Go Magazine has an excellent and varied list of their favorite lesbians. Among them, Autostraddle founder Riese Bernard.

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