Phoenix: Before and After

Earlier this week, I published an article summarizing my thoughts on porn (especially as it fits, or doesn’t, into relationships) for The Good Men Project. The comments went ballistic (many were longer than my essay), but at least no one said “I hate you,” like they did to Hugo. Sheesh.

One of the notes I liked the most while interviewing folks for the GMP post was Gretchen’s, about being inspired by real-looking porn stars, ones with “flaws” and everything.

As usual, I was reading pornstar James Deen’s blog (most definitely NSFW) and, as usual, there’s a picture of a naked lady. Except, not like usual, because this lady, Phoenix Marie, was snapped before she made it to hair and make-up. Here’s what she looked like:

Phoenix Marie, before

She’s certainly attractive, and the platinum hair speaks to porn convention, but to Gretchen’s point… she looks like a real person. Someone you might see on the train or in line at the grocery story. Not so once she comes out of hair and make-up:

Phoenix Marie, after

It’s too bad. I liked her better before.

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3 responses to “Phoenix: Before and After

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  2. I liked her WAY better before.

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