Sunday Scraps 19

1. WESTBORO: The F-bomb has the transcript of a teenage girl who calls the Westboro Baptist Church to clarify a few pieces of their doctrine. Brilliant.

2. HUMOR: In the dumb-but-still-made-me-giggle category, The Happy Place has a slideshow of the worst names ever given.

3. NARCISSISM: This cover story for NYMag about pop music, generational narcissism, and privilege, is worth a read. Or two.

4. HISTORY: What would you do if you were a med student and you found out your professor had been one of the docs who worked on JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald? D Magazine writes about Dr. Robert McClelland, who happens to fit that description.

5. PSYCH: Forty years after the Stanford Prison Experiment, one of the most famous psychological experiments ever conducted, Stanford Magazine interviews the key players to see what really happened in that basement.

6. BULLY: “Bully” is not a word often associated with Dan Savage, but the XX Factor may be right about one of Savage’s recent rants against Marcus Bachmann. During the podcast, Savage attacked Bachmann’s masculinity, imitated his lisp, and made a whole host of other jokes that he would normally flag as damaging. What gives?

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