Sunday Scraps 24

1. CHICAGO: @Astro_Ron has been tweeting pictures from outer space. This is Chicago.

2. JOB PROSPECTS: For Lack of a Better Comic tackles the predicament of an English major in this job market.

3. DOMINATRIX: It’s fun to hear Terry Gross say dirty words. Also, this NPR interview with former dominatrix, current college professor Melissa Febos is super interesting.

4. PRETTY BOY: Autostraddle has a piece about the rise of gender bending model superstar Andrej Pejic. He’s got the Bardot look, minus the boobs.

5. RAPE JOKES: As if I needed another reason not to see Horrible Bosses, Feministing itemizes the ridiculous quantity of rape jokes. Male rape and sexual harrassment are hilaaaarious.

6. WRITE: Fun times… plug in a sample of your writing to I Write Like and it’ll tell you who you’re copying. Apparently, I write like Cory Doctorow.

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4 responses to “Sunday Scraps 24

  1. I love this, I’ve recently started a shout out post for blogs that keep me from getting my day started. I like your visuals.

  2. Well, lookey-here! There’s Sharon who got ME here! Good morning, and thanks for sharing the contents of your brain!
    And, now I’m following xkcd–aren’t I sposta be lookin’ for a job or doing mosaics or forming concrete sculpture?! This R fun.

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