Getting “Knowledged” About Evolution

Here is a video of beauty queens answering the question, “Should evolution be taught in schools?” You’d think fifteen minutes would be too long,….and you’d be right. It’ll be the longest fucking fifteen minutes of your life, but I dare you to try to look away. Each new contestant will fade in and you’ll hope, maybe even pray (if that’s your thing), to hear something coherent. You’ll feel your standards melting away and you’ll start to feel like every time one of them deigns to even speak the word “evolution” you’ve somehow won. You haven’t. We’re all losing.

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Vermont is the only one I actually fist-pumped for, and mostly because she used the word “bacteria” in a beauty pageant interview. These videos are via Sociological Images, which also has some commentary on the evolution (heh) of the “both sides of the story” rhetoric.

Lest that dark cloud of brainwashing ruin your day, somebody made an outstanding 2 minute parody video answering the question, “Should math be taught in schools?” Vermont is, yet again, my favorite.

Do we even know what the square root of 16 is? WHO CAN BE SURE.

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