Sunday Scraps 32

1. DREAMY: You’ve probably seen it by now, but just in case, it’s Feminist Ryan Gosling and he’s saying “Hey Girl….”

2. MEDIA: Really cool analysis I wish I’d done on Sociological Images. It maps the sexualization of male vs. female covers of Rolling Stone over the year to show that while everybody’s gotten sexified, the ladies are being outundressed by a long shot.

3. HOLLYWOOD: NYMag is asking where all the up and coming male actors are? Leo, Toby, and Jake had all done huge stuff before they turned 25. Where are their footstep-followers?

4. RACE: Smithsonian digs into the man behind Black Like Me, 50 years after the book hit shelves.

5. BEAUTY: Amazing gallery of images about beauty culture from photography Zed Nelson. Did you know there are more nose jobs done in Iran than any other country?

6. CLASS: Holy cow, this essay about class, gender and personal history in the era of Occupy Wall Street is knock-out. Also, the blog is called Tiger Beatdown, which is pretty outstanding.

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