Sunday Scraps 34

1. TOLLBOOTH: Fun NPR story from Norton Juster, about the accidental way his first novel, The Phantom Tollbooth, became a masterpiece still beloved 50 years later.

2. HALLOWEEN: Great WBEZ piece from Claire Zulkey imagining the internal monologues of Halloween costume models.

3. BEAUTY: 2 minute trailer for Miss Representation, the documentary about media representations of women. The sequence of images of political women and the ridiculous accompanying commentary is pretty impactful.

4. EURO: Absolutely awesome infographic from the New York Times about the Euro crisis. Now I kind of sort of feel like I understand what’s going on. Maybe.

5. BELUGA: I was afraid of this video of the Shedd Aquarium’s beluga whale giving birth, but it is remarkably awesome and not at all scary. Plus, they set it to music.

6. RACE: Really interesting graphs about explicit and and implicit racial assumptions in Hollywood casting calls. Ok, fine, I guess Harry Potter has to be white, but why can’t more people follow Shonda Rimes’ lead?

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