Advice from a Make Up Artist

Jeanine Lobell and Family, from Into the Gloss

Now that I have mad crazy cosmetics skillz, or at least some real cosmetics with which to practice, I was doubly, triply, fascinated by this account of the rise of make-up brand Stila. This interview at Into the Gloss with founder Jeanine Lobell reads like a first person play-by-play of the company. I would not normally find cream blush vs. powder to be so engaging, but Lobell’s twisty turny winding road of a career path is pretty captivating.

I love stories about how people got where they are, the zanier and more unlikely the better. You meet the right person, ask the right question, show up at a particular time and place and BOOM, life change. Those stories are the best.

Lobell’s is vaguely like that, but she also gives some really good advice that’s applicable way beyond the make-up world:

People always think, ‘If I could only get an agent,’ and it’s like, an agent can only do so much for you. It’s really up to you. I think that the first time is luck, the second time is you. You know, you get lucky and are asked to do a job—somebody drops out, somebody is sick, somebody isn’t available, they’re in the right mood to try somebody new, whatever. But ultimately, you have to show up and blow it out, you know? I do what is expected, and then some.

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