S(Mon)day Scraps 37

1. BEY: From the Hairpin comes Beyonce song titles reimagined as thesis titles for women’s studies majors: “Check on It”: The Gendered Dynamics of Male Spectatorship in Urban Public Spaces

2. SEX ED: This NYT piece deserves it’s own post, which it will get, but in the meantime… read it. Right now. It’s revolutionary. Who knew there was another way to teach sex-ed that didn’t involve the repetition of “abstinence,” and that also didn’t just place condoms in an envelope in the nurse’s office.

3. CUMMING: Bahahahaha. Alan Cumming. Cologne. Enjoy.

4. ANTM: Remember Fatima? She’s one of the few ANTM alums who actually made a modeling career out of that disaster of a television show. NYMag has an interview.

5. LETTERS: “I worry about women.” She said, “Don’t.” Letters of Note has a super cool missive from Kurt Vonnegut.

6. QUEST: Mother Jones interviews Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson on Jimmy Fallon, being the child of musicians, and turning 40 in the hip-hop business.

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3 responses to “S(Mon)day Scraps 37

  1. Nice! I forwarded the NYT article to my husband and father of our two teenage sons. That will be an interesting conversation. I love Kurt Vonnegut’s books but I almost gave up on him when I read a line from Timequake in which he was explaining which of his predecessors are buried in a cemetary in Indianapolis: “So are two previous generation of our parents’ forebears: a brew an architect, merchants and musicians, and their wives, of course.” My ancestors, and their wives, he said. I was so furious and disappointed that it left a mark on my psyche. I laid my hands on the book and found that unmarked passage within a minute even though I read Timequake at least six years ago. I have 90% gotten over it, and seeing the letter he wrote to Marianne helps.

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