Sunday Scraps 39

1. ADOPTION: This New York Times essay by Jennifer Gilmore might just break your heart. She’s trying to adopt, and begins an email chain with a pregnant teen only to watch it all fall apart in a mall diner.

2. SIRI: Big doings at Apple this week. Amanda Marcotte at Slate explains the gendered implications of Siri’s search capabilities, but Gizmodo explains why gender isn’t the issue.

3. LIBRARY: Who is the mystery artist leaving anonymous spectacular paper creations on the desks of European libraries? NPR investigates.

4. XMAS: From WebEcoist, eleven amazing alternative Christmas trees. The spinning fiber optics wins for me.

5. BOOZE: How much booze to consume at your office holiday party? Cut out NYMag’s handy dandy chart and stick to the rules. I suppose you have to know whether your company qualifies as cool or uncool first.

6. REPUBLICAN: This National Post graphic is the best thing I’ve seen yet tracking the rise and fall of the Republican candidates. Who will peak at the right moment?

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4 responses to “Sunday Scraps 39

  1. Thanks for the article about the artist leaving little sculptures in Scottish libraries. And the surprise ending, too. Thanks for sharing it.

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