Sunday (Tuesday) Scraps 42

1. RILEY: Arguably my favorite YouTube video ever. This is Riley, and she has some very strong opinions about gendered marketing in the toy aisle.

2. PENELOPE: You might be familiar with Penelope Trunk’s ubiquitous advice giving. This week, we saw a whole different, and frankly disturbing, side. On her personal blog, Trunk wrote about temporarily leaving her abusive husband.

3. TASKS: TaskRabbit is the new start-up darling (or so people say), and NYMag put the service-based site to the test. How much would you pay a stranger to install your printer?

4. HOLY TOYS: Super fascinating piece from Allison Yarrow at the Daily Beast on several new sex toy companies that exclusively target religious consumers. Christian, Jewish, and Muslim entrepreneurs have all gotten in on the sex toy game. Apparently, sex toys aren’t just for heathens!

5. LOGO: Honest Logos, a flickr stream from Hertz, recreates and rechristens the most iconic logos. It’s a nifty trick, and the YouTube copycat might be my fave.

6. TWILIGHT: What if Herman Melville had written Twilight? Virginia Woolf? iO9 takes a fun hypothetical trip into literary fantasy land.

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