What’s so masculine about colored plastic blocks?

Can someone explain to me why we need special LEGOs for girls? They are still just colored plastic building blocks, right? Have they changed in some dramatic way since I was a child? Oh yes, I guess they have:


Images from Sociological Images

In the fine print: “LEGO Universal Building Sets will help your children discover something very special: themselves.”


Here’s a full list of the available LEGO Friends sets, but a sampling includes a treehouse, a design studio, a cafe, a “cool” convertible, a beauty shop, a vet’s office, bakery, pool, stage. Does it sound a little Kardashian to anyone else?

LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, k’nex… these toys are awesome because they don’t project anything. They are just building blocks (literally and figuratively) for kids’ imagination and creativity. A kid that wants to make a nail salon can make a nail salon, and a kid that wants to make a U-Boat can make a U-Boat, but nobody is suggesting that you should make either. Well, except the packaging and advertising….

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3 responses to “What’s so masculine about colored plastic blocks?

  1. Liz K.

    I think that when we were growing up there were still different colors sold for girls, but they were still the same basic thing. I think my brother and I had a few of those laying around…by laying around I mean abandoned because neither of us wanted anything to do with the pink ones. They didn’t look sturdy enough for what we wanted to build.

  2. Rosie, you might like this. LEGO fans are taking Friends into their own hands. These guys and gals should be hired by LEGO, seriously! :D

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