Sunday Scraps 46

1. DISNEY: The most epic Disney a capella medley ever. Costume changes included. Prepare yourself, it’s seven minutes long.

2. TAPE: Artist Max Zorn uses only brown packing tape and a scalpel to make these images.

3. TECH: Geek out with me over this sweet graph tracking browser usage. Watch the life and death of AOL, the rise of Mozilla, and ridiculous longevity of Internet Explorer.

4. SAVAGE: Dan Savage + Ira Glass. Done and done.

5. WHALES: Salon has a fascinating look at the history and veracity of the man-in-whale folklore. Is it possible to come out the other side, as so many myths would suggest?

6. CHOICE: Really excellent essay about why pro-life advocate John Saveland supports Planned Parenthood. Imagine how much further this conversation could go if everyone employed such rationality and logic!

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