Sunday Scraps 49

1. BOOKS: Apparently, the Manhattan mom circuit is obsessed with a raunchy S&M themed series called Fifty Shades. I think they just need to get out more.

2. BIZ: This Harvard Business Review piece has a silly title, but it’s a pretty cool idea. The biggest obstacle preventing women from consistently getting to work in the developing world is lack of adequate menstrual supplies. In swoops Elizabeth Schwarpf!

3. CHICAGO: Anybody who hasn’t lived in Hyde Park may not find this n+1 essay very interesting, but whatever, this is my blog and therefore the only person I need to entertain is myself. Actually, though, it’s quite good and you all should read it…

4. DATING: Retronaut has a series of tips for single women from 1938, including “Don’t talk about clothes or try to describe your new gown. Please and flatter your date by talking about the things he wants to talk about.”

5. HBO: I could not be more excited for the new HBO show Girls (premiering in April). Creator Lena Dunham and cast members are interviewed for the NYT Magazine about comparisons to SATC, onscreen sex, and that whole post-grad wandering phase.

6. TELEVISION: Emily Nussbaum has two things at the New Yorker that you should read right now. 1) A defense of Liz Lemon, and 2) This breakdown of The Good Wife’s approach to gray-area technology and the law.

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3 responses to “Sunday Scraps 49

  1. Luckily other fellow Hyde Parkers love everything you post, especially everything about good old HP :)

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