Election Day

I feel extremely lucky to be a Democrat this primary season. The choices Republicans are facing are none too pleasant, and I don’t envy them the ballots they’re casting today in Illinois. Lucky for us, there’s nothing on the line. Oh wait, yes there is, a billion other congressional, judicial and local elections. Go vote (if you live in IL…).

Think it doesn’t matter? My alderman ended up in a run-off and won by about 200 votes. Your vote matters infinitely more in local and State elections, simply because so few people bother to go the polls. So go to the polls. Right now. Do it. It will feel great and they may give you a sticker.

But who to vote for? You can go all out and read up on every candidate, but who has that kind of time? I pick a few people or organizations I trust (like my alderman, a media outlet,  Planned Parenthood) and check their lists of endorsed candidates. I promise you someone else has done all the research you would have done were you a more organized and efficient person. Print your list and head to the polls.

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