I Think Amy Poehler May Have Served Me Steak Fries

If you’re familiar with Stars Hollow then you pretty much know what my town looks like. If you’re not, Jesus, go watch some Gilmore.

In all seriousness, Lexington, MA, was a lovely, quaint place to grow up. Within one block, there was a candy store called Candy Castle, a toy store called Catch a Falling Star, and a pet store called Warm Hearts, Cold Noses. How much more nauseating can you get?

It’s a place full of history and monuments and for the month of April, Revolutionary War reenactors wandering around in buckled-shoes and tri-corner hats. Could I tell you what happened at the Alamo? Not a chance, but could I narrate the Battle of Lexington minute-by-minute for you? You bet.

The esteemed alums of Lexington High School include a Survivor winner, Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls, and most notably (in my opinion), SNL‘s own Rachel Dratch. In this very charming interview, Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch discuss, among other things, working at Chadwick’s in Lexington. Chadwick’s, for those of you not in the know, was an amazing establishment with ridiculously large steak fries, a Belly Buster ice cream sundae, and the loudest, ear-splitting Happy Birthday renditions I’ve ever heard. They closed their doors sometime in the mid-90s, and birthdays were never the same.

I can’t figure out the exact math, but if Poehler or Dratch was serving up sundaes when they came home from college, there’s a not terrible chance one of them once sang me a horrendous Happy Birthday.

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4 responses to “I Think Amy Poehler May Have Served Me Steak Fries

  1. I miss Chadwick’s! I never did the Belly Buster, but I loved seeing it carried out. I probably could have done it if it’d been all flavors I liked instead of all different flavors. Didn’t actually go to LHS, but I had a bunch of friends there, so I ended up going to about four different LHS graduations–lots of fun!

  2. SteveS

    Just think of the start-studded alumni from Ranc’s and the Flick…not to mention Catch a Falling Star. Now there’s some serious talent!

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