S(Monday) Scraps 54

1. TRAYVON: Ugh. When NBC mixes and matches the 911 Trayvon Martin call to make George Zimmerman sound more racist, they do no one any favors. From Mother Jones.

2. BOOKS: Slate ponders what, if anything, we lose when scoping out perspective partners now that our reading material can be hidden behind kindle cases instead of on shelves for all to peruse and judge?

3. ADVERTISING: Use this Gendered Advertising Remixer to compile a pink or blue themed advertising onslaught all your own.

4. DINKLAGE: Everybody’s favorite Game of Thrones schemer is played by the small-statured actor Peter Dinklage. NYT profiles his rise to fame and his avoidance of all roles elfin.

5. YOGA: This man would like to sell you his used yoga mat, but he will tell you, in excruciating detail, how he tried to use it first.

6. SEXUAL VIOLENCE: Harper’s Magazine chronicles the astonishingly high rates of sexual violence on Native American reservations, and the appallingly lackluster responses that victims get from local, state, and federal law enforcement.

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