Rosie Says Turns 2

secondI missed it last year, but never again! Today is the second blogiversary of Rosie Says. Let the fireworks and celebrations ’round the world be heard!

I’m working on my Christmas letter (I am secretly a 70-year-old spinster, in case you weren’t already aware), and in preparation I’ve gone back to read the letters of years past. “Earnest” is the word that comes to mind, right after “poorly written.” Man, I’ve gotten better at this  over time! In addition to age and wisdom etc etc etc, this blank  page I face most evenings is certainly owed some credit for my improvement. What is it they say about practice? It makes you suck less? Yeah, I think that’s it.

But in all seriousness, I get a lot of joy out of coming here every day and sharing something, so thanks for making me feel like it’s not being shared into the void. Guest contributors, regular readers, commenters, reposters, tweeters, likers, editors (ahem), idea-challengers, question-askers, all you people who show up on occasion and say a good word, or come out of the woodwork at parties just to say you read something, who respond in private and public with your own thoughts and additions, thanks a bunch, amigos. Means a lot.

How’s that for earnest?

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One response to “Rosie Says Turns 2

  1. Congrats, yo! 2 years is a good chunk. I personally enjoy a lot of the writing here and on R/R=)

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