You Know Her

In honor of yesterday’s 40th anniversary of Roe, I wrote up a little something for Role/Reboot. 

On This 40th Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade, Here_s Why It_s More Important Than Ever

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9 responses to “You Know Her

  1. Jake

    Another statistic often ‘forgotten’ – Black Women are 3x more likely to get an abortion procedure than White Women.

    And another – poor women are becoming more and more likely to have an abortion. 42% of all abortions performed in 2008 were on poor patients, up from 27% in 2000.

    Planned Parenthood even targets areas close to poor, black communities to set up their facilities.

    So here we have a company and industry which makes it a routine to make a profit by targetting the poorest, least educated, and most vulnerable among us, while specifically marketing to a minority population with explicit hopes of reducing their population.

    I am led to believe that in most cases you would be appalled by such practices (the words ‘predatory’ and ‘racist’ come to mind), and yet here you cheer it on or meet these facts with a silence that is equally damning.

    Nice to see that, for you, Politics trumps Ethics.

    • Amy

      First of all; Planned Parenthood is a Not-for Profit Organization,

      Second; the goal of Planned Parenthood is to REDUCE the number of abortions – by providing education, counselling, and access to various methods of contraception.

      Third; Planned Parenthood offers reproductive health care (defined as: Pap-tests to screen for Cervical Cancer, Breast Exams to screen for Breast Cancer, screening and treatment for STD’s) on a sliding scale based on income (the less you make, the less you pay). The remaining costs of these services are covered by private contributions and government health services grants or reimbursements.

      Fourth; Planned Parenthood – along with other Family Planning Organizations – set up their facilities and “target” low-income areas because these are the areas and populations where women are least likely to have health insurance to cover such services, or be able to afford health care at full cost. These are also the areas and populations which are least likely to have access to reproductive and sexual education or counselling. And let’s not forget, that since you’re throwing words like; “predatory” and “racist” around, that the poorest and least educated people in our society with the greatest struggle for economic opportunity are the people LEAST likely to be able to financially cope with an unplanned pregnancy. An unplanned pregnancy for a woman in a low-paying job with no health insurance and no maternity leave can literally be devastating – and that’s all before the baby is even born. Family Planning Organizations, like Planned Parenthood, seek to provide all women – including the most fiscally vulnerable – with the access, education, counselling, and options to make the healthiest decisions for themselves and their families..

      Family Planning is not an “industry”. No one WANTS to have an abortion. No one WANTS to perform an abortion. Family Planning organizations do not encourage, push, or otherwise try to ‘sell’ abortions. We would all much rather live in a world where no woman was ever faced with a decision so gut-wrenching and difficult. It would be wonderful if every woman was on an equal playing field with other women, and with men.

      Sadly, inequality still exists. Anger, frustration, and the drive to fight for change are all necessary and admirable reactions to that inequality. You may want to take a closer look at where you’re pointing your finger. I think you’ll find that Family Planning Centers & Organizations like Planned Parenthood are fighting to try to level the playing field for women of all backgrounds and circumstances. After all, the Right to Choose is ultimately a Women’s Rights issue – an Equality Issue.

      • Jake

        “First of all, Planned Parenthood is a Not-for-Profit Organization.”

        Planned Parenthood posted an $87.4 million profit in 2011-2012.

        “Second, the goal of Planned Parenthood is to REDUCE the number of abortions…”

        Planned Parenthood’s annual abortion procedures have increased 30% over the last ten years. If they are trying to reduce abortions, they are failing terribly.

        You know, my comment wasn’t an invitation to debate – ‘Rosie’ made her point, I made mine. She nor I need you to amplify her echo chamber, but if you wish to do so, I would atleast use some talking points that are actually factual.

        “Family Planning isn’t an industry.”

        Your doctrinaire analysis of society is truly breath taking. What word would you use to describe this social phenomenon that includes providing thousands of services every year for the exchange of hundreds of millions of dollars?

        “Nobody wants to perform an abortion.”

        My experience proves otherwise. I got my girlfriend pregnant when we were both young. We went to the clinic just to have a professional perform a pregnancy test – to confirm what we thought. The first thing they dis was try to sell her an abortion. Actually, it wasnt so much an active sales pitch as it was ‘So, whig procedure would you like?’.

        This whole pro-choice culture, which sees children as a burden to be relieved of, rather than a blessing to be cherished, is disgusting.

        Nice to see that you guys are just as ignorant as you are callous.

  2. What do you all think about Ms. Roe now being the spokesperson for the Pro-Life side? (If you have seen her commercials, she apologizes for Roe v. Wade and calls it a mistake) :

    • That’s a great question. I believe Ms. Roe has the right to her feelings about her own experience (including regret), but I don’t believe that one individual woman’s emotional response is how we should make laws in this country.

  3. I just found your blog and I love it!!!!

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