I Think I’m Doing OkCupid Wrong

This week for Role/Reboot, I did a little internal investigation on how I behave on online dating sites. We already know how I feel about gendered traditions once we’re actually on the date (i.e. Who pays?), but what about the sending of and responding to messages? Why do I sit back and wait? Is the answer really because it’s just so freaking easy? That seems like laziness to me, and no one should rest on their laurels when it comes to equalizing the playing field, least of all ladies who write about gender and equality on the internet…

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5 responses to “I Think I’m Doing OkCupid Wrong

  1. I nominated you for the Inspirational Blogger Award! Here is the link to see how everything works:

  2. I recently made an OkCupid, met someone immediately and it’s been absolutely wonderful, I do not believe this is normal however, and honestly, I think we’re both a little embarrassed that we met online. It’s also the first time I’ve started a relationship without the initial flame of emotional craziness, I sat back and waited for that to kick in, which thankfully it did.

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  4. Dating on okCupid was a pretty unique experience. But I think it is that way for most folks on there. Fortunately, I am in a city with a million gay men, so I had a huge pool of eligible bachelors to choose from. Just for fun, I did some searches in smaller towns and regions….. whoa. that would have sucked.

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