That Girls Episode with Adam and Natalia

Oof. This week for Role/Reboot I wrote about Sunday’s Girls episode (Spoiler Alert) in which Adam and Natalia had sex twice. The first time was a little stilted and a little awkward, but ultimately sweet and tender and rooted in consent. It included conversations about what she liked and didn’t like, and an explicit acknowledgment of her pleasure.

The second time was not that. I describe the scene in detail in the essay (which was not fun), and I was pretty rattled by it. It unfortunately also clicked with a wide range of other content that deals with violence against women lately (VAWA, Battlestar Galactica, some George Saunders stories), and the whole thing snowballed in my brain into one big ugly, teary, mess of frustration at the ongoing injustice in the world. It was not a super productive place to be, and writing this helped me climb out of it.

I know the internet is awash with opinions on this episode (I like Amanda Hess’ at Slate), but I’d love to hear yours too.

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5 responses to “That Girls Episode with Adam and Natalia

  1. I had to get in touch over this article because I watched this episode of Girls and also cried. I have been in that situation, I was drunk, he was drunk, but he tried to do things to me that I didn’t want him to do. I told him I didn’t like it. I once referred to it as rape when I was talking to my friend about it, she told the boy and he was unbelievably angry at me, to this day I can’t go out in my home town for fear of being called a slut across a bar by a boy, or his friends joking that he raped me. However, on that night I felt like Natalia, I didn’t consent and he had been so nice to me before that. Furthermore, I was terrified, he was a lot stronger than me and it was not in my house. Even now I am still struggling to come to terms with the episode and what exactly it did portray. I enjoyed reading your article and knowing that I am not alone in my thoughts.

    • Eleanor, thanks so much for sharing. Per Amanda Hess’ excellent article at Slate, there’s so much gray area between having sex with someone you want to have sex with and being forced (compelled? pressured) to have a different KIND of sex than you want. I’m so sorry this happened to you.

  2. That was a horrible scene. I felt like Adam might have had an inkling about how out-of-bounds he was, but I also felt he did it ON PURPOSE to wreck possibilities with Natalia because he prefers the dysfunctional relationship with Hannah. What an indescribable tool he was, and anyone is who uses sex to feel dominant.

  3. I absolutely detest that character. I literally hate him because he is the epitome of selfishness. It angers me that he repeatedly does things that cross boundaries and are disrespectful and the main character, after finally telling him that she gets to decide the relationship is over (yeah) still talks to this jackass and apologizes for calling the police when he breaks into her apartment. UGH!

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