Win Something Pretty?

Dear readers/friends/random strangers who searched one of these terms to get here, “giant muscle dominates skinny bitch,” “Patrick Wilson doesn’t know his dad,” or “8 pm,”

I’m so glad you found me. Please stay, explore, make yourself comfortable. I’m about to cross a big threshold on subscribers to this blog, so I want to thank you for being here with me. To show you I mean it, I’m doing a little giveaway.

My friends Lindi and Helen at Clover + Lace are very talented, crafty ladies who I like a lot. I think. We’ve never actually met, but the internet is a beautiful place, and I trust that they are as lovely in real life as they are on the web. They make beautiful things, like pendants, cupcake sculptures, and greeting cards.

Just for being here, you can have one of those things! All you have to do is tweet at me or post on the Rosie Says Facebook page. In other words, just tell me you’re around and you’ll be entered to win. If you want to say something nice, or link to a post you like,  or tell me what you want me to write about, or announce your favorite color, or complain about my grammer, you’re more than welcome, but all you have to do is say “hi!” On Tuesday morning, I’ll randomly pick a winner who can have anything their heart desires (under $20) off of Lindi and Helen’s Etsy page. FREE STUFF. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Writing this blog and graphing crazy things and ranting about misogyny and telling you everything I think about is usually my favorite part of the day, so thanks for sticking around.


P.S. Here are some of the things you could win:

A print about crafting

A print about crafting

Cards with pretty ladies on them!

Cards with pretty ladies on them!

Fun jewelry!

Fun jewelry!

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8 responses to “Win Something Pretty?

  1. Just so you know, the facebook link is broken :)

  2. hi hi..
    wow.. such pretty giveaway that I can’t resist to enter.. anyway.. such pretty cards.. I’ve re-tweet and followed you on twitter.. the FB link is broken.. can’t link to it.. Just to let you know..
    from: random stranger aka *wisher*

  3. these are great prizes – consider me in )

  4. librarian88

    Hello! My favorite color is blue, and I love Etsy and free stuff. :-)

  5. Fun! Love the Helen & Lindi stuff. :)

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