Sunday Scraps 103


1. READING: Tumblr called Awesome People Reading is a bunch of pictures of awesome people reading.

2. WEALTH: The opposite of awesome people reading, I bring you Rich Kids of Instagram

3. BOOKS: Summer is the time of books! Yippee! Famous authors like Louise Erdrich and Junot Diaz reflect on their influential summers of books.

4. AUTHORS: In a fundraising pitch for charity English PEN, fifty authors have returned to their first editions to annotate and note their thoughts on those early efforts.

5. SEX APPEAL: Pin-up founding fathers from the blog Publius Esquire.

6. CHICAGO: How the housing crisis in Chicago has created a new kind of activism with the Anti-Eviction Campaign.

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4 responses to “Sunday Scraps 103

  1. Anita

    Hey Emily, the link for # 5 is the same as the one for #4 – just FYI.

    Thanks for your Sunday scraps, by the way, I love reading them!

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