Vagina Love!

Sorry for the AWOL-ness of late. Busy busy with travel and “real” work and side projects.

What better way to celebrate a return to the blog than with some quality vagina-time?  A long time ago, I wrote an essay about why oral sex was so often a one-directional exercise and many of the respondees to my survey wrote about feeling like their vaginas were ugly, unclean, or “too private.” How something that you use to have sex with is too private for the person you’re having sex with is kind of beyond me, but I allow that feelings towards one’s genitalia can get complicated.

Anyway, those responses made me sad, because the idea of folks missing out on pleasure and intimacy out of vagina-shame seems like such a waste. Apparently, I am not alone in these feelings. Three cool vagina-friendly things for you to peruse this week. Probably not the safest for work, but I don’t know what your work is like, so use your judgment:

1. Vagina Posters: Debbie Herbenick, sex educator and all-around fan of vaginas is launching a Kickstarter to fund her beautiful poster series What Do You  Like About Your Vulva and Vagina. Go support her and her team and also get postcards or posters as a thank you gift!


2. Porn Sex vs. Real Sex: Production company Kornhaber Brown made this little video cleverly replacing genitalia with genitalia-shaped food to illustrate the differences between porn sex and real sex. Given that I am a porn fan and that I also don’t think porn is going anywhere even if I weren’t, I like content that contextualizes porn as performance and helps create boundaries between the sex that most people have and the sex that porn stars have.

3. Female Reproductive Organ posters: I found this in a secondhand store in Provincetown, MA, this past weekend. It’s a poster about menstruation and reproduction that was made by Tampax to hang in doctors’ officees. I loved it instantly but I left the store without buying it. Half an hour later, I made my group return so I could make it mine. It shall hang in the bathroom:


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5 responses to “Vagina Love!

  1. It’s so funny (not funny haha, but like coincidental) to see this today because I was JUST having a conversation about oral sex with one of my friends today … she thinks it is really sad that I don’t enjoy it … but it’s not that I don’t “enjoy” it, just that I feel too self-conscious to let myself enjoy it. Even though the guy I am dating loves doing it and is quite good at it. My friend thinks that is a shame I cannot just let go and let it happen … actually, so does the guy. So I have promised to work on it …

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  4. May I suggest a fourth cool vagina-friendly thing? The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas …

    I’ve got no shame giving or getting oral sex; but after spending some time getting creative coloring the vaginas in my copy of The Big Book, I do think it’s a bit of a shame they only come in flesh tones … blue and purple and green vaginas are really pretty.

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