The Problems with “Strong is the New Skinny”

The line from that George Saunders piece I posted on Monday that’s really sticking with me is “Err on the side of kindness.” It seems so obvious, as far as life philosophies go, but the simplicity of it is blowing my mind. What a world that would be, eh, if we all agreed to live by that code?

Though he didn’t articulate it as such, I’m confident that Saunders would agree that kindness towards oneself is a key facet of this MO. My new piece for Role/Reboot this week is about body image and wellness, but I hope that the backdrop of self-love and self-kindness is apparent.


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3 responses to “The Problems with “Strong is the New Skinny”

  1. I love both of those pieces, this one and the George Saunders. The George Saunders one has been sticking with me, and for the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about what opportunities for kindness I might be letting slip by, because of shyness, or whatever. But on the other hand, I’m better at being kinder to myself these days, and being respectful of my (emotional and physical) capacity even if I am also trying to develop them. Anyway, thanks!

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