Hello, Flo

True story, when I first got my period, I was staying at my friend’s house for the weekend and I didn’t tell anyone. I compensated with toilet paper for my first three cycles before woman-ing up and confessing.

floHave you all heard of Naama Bloom’s new start-up, Hello Flo? Think Shave Club for ladies; get your tampons and/or pads shipped to you every month. I kid you not, a few weeks ago, my friends and I were talking about this exact idea. We were going to call it The Time of the Month Club and it was going to make us piles of money. Covers of Fast Company¬†awaited. Oh well! You snooze, you lose!

Anyway, it’s all good, because Bloom’s thing is pretty legit too, especially because of the stellar intro video starring Camp Gyno:

Things I like about this ad.

1. Frank use of words like “vagina,” and “menstruation.” Euphemisms are fun and all, but let’s also teach girls that hey, this is your biology, and it is normal, natural, and cool. No shame in calling it what it is.

2. Did you see the Camp Gyno hand the girl a tampon and a mirror? How legit is that? Look at yourself! Figure out how your shit is put together! If girls get familiar with themselves early, they will only be better equipped to advocate for themselves down the line, to insist on partners who respect their pleasure, and to live without genitalia shame!

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4 responses to “Hello, Flo

  1. When I once again found myself at a 24-hour pharmacy in the wee hours of the morning, I thought an emergency feminine-hygiene product delivery service might be a profitable business venture. I was going to call it Midnight Cotton Pony Express ….

  2. Strange. I was glad when I got my period so I could be a big girl like the girls who had already started. I was so proud I went over to one in the school yard and told her. She just smiled. Of course I wouldn’t dare even think of the boys knowing.

  3. I absolutely love Aunt Flo’s ad but I’m also a fan of The Period Store, a similar service that also sends chocolate, tea, and art every month.

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