Why can’t we have a men’s leadership group?

Man, do I hate that question; you will get my most ferocious eye-roll.

I find the answer to “Why can’t we have a men’s leadership group” so painfully obvious, “Because the whole world is your men’s leadership group, you nitwit. Congress? Men’s leadership group. The Supreme Court? Men’s leadership group. The Oscars? Men’s leadership group. Fortune 500 companies? Men’s leadership group. That’s why.”

This week at Role/Reboot, I wrote about a related phenomenon, dubbed by¬†Sociological Images¬†as Men are People, Women are Women. This is the “male default,” where you see “Deodorant” and “Women’s Deodorant,” “Bic Pens” and “Bic Pens for Her,” and other examples of the assumptive category of something genderless being male and the sideline/variation/”specialty” version is for women. In the early debate over this essay, the question was how Women’s Leadership Groups fit into this conversation; aren’t they a form of this exact thing? Yeah, maybe, but also…. not really. Let’s discuss!


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3 responses to “Why can’t we have a men’s leadership group?

  1. Thomas Voelker

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Rosie.

  2. This is a very sexist reasoning against male leadership groups because you are adhering to the apex fallacy. The fact that 1% of the male population run significant portions of society does not mean that a society run by men is for men as evidence by the fact that men are disproportionately represented at the bottom rungs of society as either the homeless or criminal population.

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