First Comes Love…

On consecutive weekends I watched two couples get married. First, in Iowa City, I played the witness for Helen and Lindi of Clover + Lace in a magistrate’s office. Then, I was the maid of honor as my oldest friend got married in the Hudson Valley. I know everyone is supposed to cry at weddings, and all that jazz, but I really thought that it wouldn’t get to me. I was truly surprised by how emotional I was during both occasions, enough so as to trigger a little introspection on the subject of marriage and my knee-jerk feelings towards it.


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3 responses to “First Comes Love…

  1. I’m always conflicted on how I feel about weddings. So many of the traditions seem incredibly backward and sexist to me, but I know the reactions from friends and family would be terrible if I chose to go against them… I don’t know how we can even begin to change the traditions that have become such an important right of passage for women.

    • I totally know how you feel, Roxanne. It’s not like we actually make choices in a vacuum, so parsing out how and why we made choices (pressure? expectations? desire) is hella hard.

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