Obesity is a problem, yes, so is body-shaming.

This week for Role/Reboot I wrote about Maria Kang (aka “What’s Your Excuse?” fitness mom), this phenomenal piece by a Karen Hitchcock, “Fat City,” and the challenge of holding two seemingly competing ideas in our heads at one time. I contend that obesity-is-a-crisis and body-shaming-is-n0t-helpful are not, actually, competing ideas, but two separate, related problems that need big, multi-faceted solutions.

I really appreciate this comment from the always on point Marianne Cassidy:

Reducing obesity and ending body shaming are not opposing or even parallel goals. They’re the same goal. They want the same things – a healthier, happier population. They can be achieved the same way – by encouraging people to take care of their bodies and giving them the education and resources they need to make informed healthy choices.


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3 responses to “Obesity is a problem, yes, so is body-shaming.

  1. I agree with her. If we eat for health and exercise for health that will take care of obesity and health.

  2. I saw “obesity is a problem” in the title of this post, and came here thinking that I should send you some of my collection of links on how obesity is not as much of a health problem as most people think it is. And the “Fat City” article you linked to certainly says a lot of things that I don’t believe are true. But then I saw that you tagged this “health at every size”, and your other posts seem to indicate that you don’t see obesity as a problem that people need to solve by becoming thin. Am I understanding you correctly? I’m curious about why you’re calling obesity a problem and a crisis.

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