Straw Poll? Rosie on the Regular

I’m kicking around the idea of a weekly Rosie Says newsletter to share links to essays, blog posts, events, videos, etc that, for whatever reason, I didn’t discuss in depth on this blog. Picture the Ann Friedman Weekly, if you are lucky enough to get that every Friday, but with a Rosie/Chicago twist.

So the question is, would any of you guys be up for this? Here’s a link to sign up for a little mini-pilot. If people like it, we’ll keep doing it, if not, eh, this is certainly not my worst idea (have I told you about my plans to make puzzles that, when you dump them out, all land with the right side facing up?)


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5 responses to “Straw Poll? Rosie on the Regular

  1. liliandruve

    Good idea!

  2. I started a similar thing, by demand from my friends, and found it both a) popular with them and b) a great place to offload links that I otherwise don’t know what to do with, those links that you want to blog but don’t really have anything to say besides LOOK AT THIS THING

  3. Please let me know when you get that right side up puzzle thing going – that’s a sure hit!

  4. Emma

    Yes! I support this.

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