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I Think I’m Doing OkCupid Wrong

This week for Role/Reboot, I did a little internal investigation on how I behave on online dating sites. We already know how I feel about gendered traditions once we’re actually¬†on¬†the date (i.e. Who pays?), but what about the sending of and responding to messages? Why do I sit back and wait? Is the answer really because it’s just so freaking easy? That seems like laziness to me, and no one should rest on their laurels when it comes to equalizing the playing field, least of all ladies who write about gender and equality on the internet…

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Flowchart on The Frisky!

Last week I surveyed a gazillion people about thoughts on first-date sex. Responses ranged from “Ew, just….ew” to “why the hell not?” I’ll be writing about this for the Good Men Project next week, but while you wait with bated breath, I consolidated some of the answers into a little light-hearted decision-making flowchart. The Frisky has kindly posted it for your enjoyment:

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