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Couple or Bust?

This was a tough one to write. I knew I wanted to talk about the idea of “the primacy of the couple” and different kinds of love.  I knew I wanted to include some of Eric Klinenberg’s Going Solo research about the demographic trend towards solitary living. Fun fact, single-occupant homes are the most common domestic unit in America. Here’s another: the average American spends more than half their adult life unpartnered. There’s a lot more. Read the book.

Also, read my essay for Role/Reboot (title, as usual, not selected by me):


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First Crush

There’s so much ignorance and hate on the national stage these days, so enjoy this video of Houston Mayor Annise Parker talking about her first love. She’s the first openly gay mayor of a major city, and in watching it, I realized how rarely we get to see the sweet first crush stories of LGBT adults. The canon of rom-coms and coming of age novels that straight people can refer to doesn’t exist in quite the same capacity. This is the kind of stuff that reminds the people that need reminding that OMG GAY PEOPLE ARE JUST LIKE US. In fact, they are us, so get over yourself.

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