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The President in a Sweatband

I have mentioned my Friends renaissance, but I am simultaneously going through a re-blossoming (I couldn’t think of another word for renaissance) of my West Wing devotion. New people in my life know that this is a devotion I try to thrust upon everyone, some more successfully than others.

Anyway, I’m midway through season 3 for the fourth or fifth time and it’s holding up reasonably well. My tolerance for the schmaltzier moments (you know, the “I serve at the pleasure of the Presidents”¬†moments) has diminished, thanks to more recent additions to the canon of modern television. The Wire, Treme, The Good Wife, Breaking Bad, Mad Men etc. all manage to do moments of true emotion with less swelling instrumental background music. And the “24 hour news cycle” that they speak of is nothing compared to the world we live in now, where Beyonce’s pregnancy can prompt 8,000 tweets per second.

But small points aside, I’m thrilled that CJ, Charlie, Toby, Josh and Sam are back in my life and today of all days I’m especially thrilled. Big kudos to Funny or Die for rounding up the crew (which they hashtagged #WestWingReunion) for a PSA. Prepare yourself for the President in a sweatband:

That's exactly right, Charlie (Click image for video)

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The Weirdest Safe Sex Ad You’ve Seen in a Good, Long While

To be accurate, I guess it’s not a safe sex ad so much as an HIV-testing ad. It’s called “Sexy Fingers” (NSWF, more on that in a bit) and it’s by a French AIDS awareness group. If you can tolerate it all the way to the end, you might (though no guarantee) get the message I think (though who can be sure) that they’re trying to convey.

The whole thing is animated, but the animations are pretty NSFW. There’s a decent chance your boss would think you were watching some trippy music video, but if he or she looked closely, they might notice all the cartoon genitalia dancing around. You’ve been warned.

Via Copyranter

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