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Couple or Bust?

This was a tough one to write. I knew I wanted to talk about the idea of “the primacy of the couple” and different kinds of love.  I knew I wanted to include some of Eric Klinenberg’s Going Solo research about the demographic trend towards solitary living. Fun fact, single-occupant homes are the most common domestic unit in America. Here’s another: the average American spends more than half their adult life unpartnered. There’s a lot more. Read the book.

Also, read my essay for Role/Reboot (title, as usual, not selected by me):


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Monday Scraps 73

1. AUTHORS: Philip Roth attempts to correct a misinformed wikipedia article about his own work via the New Yorker. Hilarity sort of ensues.

2. FOOTBALL: Chris Kluwe joins the ranks of my favorite NFL players by ripping into an idiotic politician who tried to censor a pro-marriage equality NFL player (Deadspin).

3. PHOTOS: Curious about Burning Man? Me neither. The Atlantic has some photos.

4. POETRY: I’ve been sitting on this poem for a while, but it’s just too good not to share. By Kim Green of The Greenery, it’s called 25 Categories of Rape.

5. SEX: Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this BBC piece on the illustrations and illustrators behind the famous and famously hairy Joy of Sex.

6. ELECTION: Who gets ignored in our pro-family, pro-mom, pro-America (huzzah!) electioneering? Single women, of whom there are a whole lot. Are we only important after we give birth? (via Slate)

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