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So THIS is why people hate feminism!

In honor of the holiday, you should watch this outstanding web series, “Vag Magazine,” about a group of misguided “feminists”, Sylvie, Fennel (HA), Bethany and Heavy Flo. They bought a fashion magazine with the proceeds from their Etsy shop (selling reusable menstrual pads, they were all bought by Sylvie’s dad), and retained exactly one employee, Meghan. Her incredulity in the face of their blatant misappropriation of the feminist language is the best part:

Fennel: Do you know what feminism is?

Meghan: Um, yeah. Feminism is about men and women being equal. I actually minored in women’s studies.

Fennel: No. Feminism is about women doing whatever they want.

Bethany: As long as it’s fun! Feminism is about fun!

In episode 3, you can look forward to this particular line by Sylvie: “On a different note, I totally respect all of you as women, but whoever has been leaving menstrual blood on the couches needs to stop. We’ve had complaints from our cleaning feminists.”

Or consider the excellent encounter,when Meghan suggests consulting a lawyer when the cover model bails on the cover shoot:

Meghan: I’m going to recommend the lawyers thing again…

Sylvie: Meghan, we don’t men to solve our problems

Meghan: You know, female lawyers are totally a thing!

Each episode is only 5 minutes, so I absolutely recommend you watch the whole goddamn series right now.

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