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S(Monday) Scraps 56

1. HERPES: Fantastic essay from The Hairpin about the perks of having Herpes. Yep, you read that right.

2. VLOG: My lovely friend Bryn and her friend Caro have officially launched their new vlog, Come to Bed with Bryn and Caro, which is “devoted to sitting in bed, eating snacks, and discussing important queer lady issues like alternative lifestyle haircuts, hot celebs, and the butch/femme dichotomy!”

3. JULY: The Rumpus interviews writer/actress/director Miranda July about her latest project, which involves interviewing people who sell objects on the internet.

4. BARNEY: Oh man, do I love Barney Frank. The Masschusetts congressman speaks to New York Magazine about his impending retirement, being the first congressman to come out, and the excessively divisive political landscape. One of my favorite lines (of many): “Half of them are Michele Bachmann. The other half are afraid of losing a primary to Michele Bachmann.”

5. PLAYBOY: The Chicago Tribune publishes an open thank you letter from Hugh Hefner to the city of Chicago, where he founded Playboy (and built the first Playboy mansion) 60 years ago.

6. EVERNOTE: The┬áNew York Times interview with Phil Libin, founder of everyone’s favorite memory aid, Evernote, on his approach to developing company culture by adding cool training shit and removing unnecesary technology (no desk phones!).

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