So yeah… good luck, ladies. If last week’s hate-fest wasn’t enough of a downer for you, check out more information about Georgia’s miscarriage proposal or Planned Parenthood funding.


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14 responses to “Roadmap

  1. Nice work!

    If only these guys (and high powered, attractive ladies) would just come out and say “You can’t have sex.” I think a lot of people that support them would go, “wait, wha?”

    • Thanks for your comment Beth! That’s exactly what it is… it seems like nobody has thought this through! I’d like to see a show of hands from high ranking Republicans, how many of them waited until marriage?

      • Exactly. I’m from Georgia, and this is just embarrassing. I should stay chaste in my committed relationship and not go to Planned Parenthood to get my IUD to prevent getting pregnant? Oh, and since I can’t carry a baby because of an immune disorder, I should risk my life and pump the baby full of harmful steroids and other medication? Thanks old white guys. You suck.

  2. Blanche de Chambly

    I wish I could print this out and post it everywhere on my campus. Great job!

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  7. Love this. I’m going to use it I think!

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