57 Hours

In school time, 57 hours is about 10 days of education.

In elementary school, 10 days is probably a whole new mathematical operation, two chapter books, a dozen new spelling words, the days of the week in Spanish, the solar system, reading analog clocks and possibly some standardized test prep.

In middle school, 10 days probably gets you a unit on ancient Maya, a few lessons on parts of speech, a poetry unit on alliteration and rhyme schemes, an attempt at a watered-down Shakespearean play, memorizing maps of Africa, an explosion of baking powder and vinegar and the difference between obtuse and acute angles.

In high school (if the kids have made it that far), who knows what 10 days is. It could be a rich and diverse week and a half of learning, or it could be ten days of what my teacher friend refers to as “catastrophe avoidance.”

Chicago Public Schools already has the shortest school day of the 50 largest districts in the country*. Cutting 20 minutes from the day to include breakfast during instruction time, a new policy change,  further expands that gap. I’m in favor of breakfast being offered (kids can’t learn without food!), as it is already offered in most CPS schools, but why push it forward into class time?

10 days x 12 years = 120 days.

You just set these kid back almost a full school year, and they were already behind in the first place! Is this really the best we can do?

*Mayor Elect Rahm Emanuel campaigned on the fact that kids in Houston end up with FOUR YEARS more of K-12 education than Chicago students.

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